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Fabulous Best Ever Skin Cream

Laraine Ward

26 January 2016

I've used Nivea since I 'borrowed' my Mums when I was about 14 and always keep at least two giant blue pots in. I'm now 65 and people honestly don't believe me when I say I don't wear facial make up other than Nivea Creme... they keep poking me in the face- I know I look a lot younger than I am without ever having any kind of surgery or procedure and it has to be down to using my Nivea for 50+ years every morning and every night! I never wear any form of sun screen as I need my vitamin D so again I use Nivea. Best ever product.

Wow I wish that I had found this sooner!

Holly Grand

16 September 2015

I am 29 years old and in my early 20's I had bad acne. In desperation I used dermalogica at an average of £50 per item. I would say that dermalogica only very slightly helped the problem. Now that I am older the spots have gone and I have combination skin with a blocked t-zone and dry cheeks. Recently I got fed up of spending so much money on skin care so I thought that I would try an old classic. Well the results are amazing. This really is a wonder product. I use this as a night cream but only if I am washing my hair the following morning as it can make the edges of my hair greasy. I use this as a foot cream and it gets rid of all of the dry skin and I use it as a body cream for when I want lots of hydration. It is thick and greasy but if you don't like this Nivea do lotions and creams that are not so greasy. I have been using a complete Nivea range on my face and the redness around my nose has reduced, the pores on my t-zone are less blocked and any dry patches have gone. My skin looks and feels a million times better now compared to how it looked with the very expensive products. Please don't change any of your products Nivea!

classic formula at a great price

Susan Waterson

21 February 2015
St Paul's Bay

I use the smaller pot of Nivea creme at night time to keep my lips soft and moisturised. Used it ever since my mum recommended it and wouldn't be without it. Nice, thick creme with a really light fragrance - perfect also for when dry patches appear on my face.

My Youthful Skin Secret

Brita Bevis

21 February 2015

I have been using Nivea Creme since my teens, and now at the age of 65. - I am often told I have young skin and don't look my age. I put this down to Nivea! Now retired, I spend my winters in Spain, and always take my big blue pot! I use it following sun bathing, and for moisturising my whole body. And my diabetic hubby pinches it to moisturise his feet. I know you do many other Nivea products, but this one is my favourite!

To die for product

Tania Atfield

20 February 2015

When I say I can't live without this nivea creme, I'm not exaggerating. I use it primarily on my lips but it is a very effective rich night cream for my face too. If I mislay my nivea for a few hours I will go out and buy another immediately, that is how fantastic Nivea is.

Brilliant results

Priscilla Smith

27 January 2015

Best Cream EVER! I have used lots of expensive creams to help my spot scars, after all the money/creams I have used Nivea Creme Original is the best :)

Reminds me of my Mum

Annabelle Connolly

9 January 2015

When I was a child, I remember my Mum using this cream. It seemed so rich and luxurious to me. I felt so special if she let me use it. It was a real treat! Even now I am taken back and love using this product for the same reason.

OMG amazing


7 January 2015

OMG I decided to use this protect because I am going on holiday in a month so I want to make sure that my skin is all lovely so it is fresh for Mexico and omg I can see a change already after 2 weeks of using it every day. THANK YOU NIVEA xxx



20 June 2014

I cannot live without this product! I use this product as a night creme. I put loads of this product on and use this as a night mask. I need to put a towel down on my pillow, as I find that the creme stains my sheets. I am so thankful for being able to use such a fabulous creme, as all my acne has gone and I hardly ever get pimples! I will always use this creme!! <3 NIVEA!